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New Product Review: Paul Mitchell Extra Body

I would like to thank for sending me this lovely bottle of shampoo. Misikko seriously has the best prices on hair appliances, tools and products.

I tried Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Hair Shampoo and Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Rinse.
I had to end the sentence with a full stop for a brief moment in order to find the sweetest way possible to say this: I think my shampoo might be racist?

Sometimes a product comes along that just hates my hair. I tried every way with this shampoo to see good results. The first wash just left it crunchy and hard. Not to mention, the shrinkage and matting was deplorable. I tried raking a comb through my hair but any effort after that was futile.

A complete bust.

The Extra Body Daily Rinse gave okay results. It was just a simple conditioner that gave simple results.
I understand the intentions behind the products: instead of temporarily plumping the hair strand Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Shampoo and Extra Body Daily Rinse are supposed to help aid in hair growth so that the scalp will naturally grow hair thicker and longer. I looked at the ingredients label and there certainly were some potent stuff in these bottles.

Sodium Myreth Sulfate

Sodium Myreth Sulfate is a strong detergent used to thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp. However, this surfactant is also very stripping and dries the scalp immensely. I suppose removing excess build up on the scalp will give the appearance of fuller hair. However, detergents like these are undiscriminating and will strip hair of all oils, including the natural lubricants the body produces.

Algae Extract

Known to promote growth of hair by enveloping the hair and scalp in moisture. Brilliant idea to add algae extract back into the shampoo. But, I’m concerned that the strong surfactants are going to overpower any positive effects one might obtain from the algae.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

A powerful healer and moisturizer. Aloe Vera has always been a trusted name in regenerating and soothing dry, parched skin. It also heals wounds and infections.Because Aloe Vera comprises of mostly water, it can make one of the most nourishing ingredients in cosmetics. Aloe also cures the itches, a common cause of damaged hair.

Chamomile Extract

Chamomile extract has the same properties as aloe vera. Chamomile is used in hair products because of it’s antioxidants and stop inflammation. It also lightens the color of hair (slightly).

Henna is not just a natural hair dye. Henna can actually be used to thicken limp hair. Henna bonds to the shaft of the hair, filling in weak spots. Henna can be used as to condition hair, to loosen tight curls and for strengthening. The strengthening property gives hair a thicker, richer, fuller look. Not to mention, natural and “colored” Henna tints hair giving it a more lustrous appearance.

Rosemary Extract

Rosemary is topically applied to the scalp to stimulate lackadaisical nerves in the scalp to start growing. I love anything with Rosemary oil in it because it works.


Panthenol is the do-it for all hair products. This chemical moisturizes by seeping deep into weak strands and depositing emollients and humectants to the core. It plumps hair and restores vitality.

Wheat Germ Oil
Wheat Germ oil is very high in protein and vitamins. Wheat germ lubricates the hair, giving it more “slip.” When used as a hot oil treatment it can make hair stronger and more resistant to breakage.