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Biggest Beauty Icon Die: Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Leni Fawcett was born in Corpus Christi, Texas on February 2, 1947. She was of Choctaw Native American descent, French and English. She was also a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority at the University Of Texas, Austin.

Farrah was first encouraged to take a chance in entertainment when she was seen by a Hollywood publicist who came across her photo in the university’s “Most Beautiful Coeds,” a contest published in Crashbox magazine. Her junior year of school she traveled all the way to Los Angeles.

Her first few roles were in Noxema comericals, Ultra Brite toothpaste and Wella Balsam shampoo.
Some of her earliest television spots were in I Dream Of Jennie and The Six-Million Dollar Man.

Farrah first appeared in the iconic disco-era television movie-of-the-week, Charlies Angels on March 21, 1976. She played Jill Munroe–a private investigator for an elusive millionaire boss–a role that would later win the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Performer in a New TV Program.

The official first air date of the television spin-off show was September 22, 1976.
Farrah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels became the face that launched a thousand shipments with several syndications, bubble gum cards, dolls, clothing and a slew of other memorabilia.

Not to mention, the most popular hairstyle ever: a blond, flipped-up, fluffy blowout, complete with bangs cascading, swirls and waves. Although, many different variations have spawned from the original (including a short cropped version made famous by Halle Berry), but none have ever had the impact as the one first spotted on Farrah Fawcett.

Farrah had the best-selling poster (seen above) for Pro-Arts, inc., with sales of 12 million copies.

She won an Emmy for her role in The Burning Bed, a made-for-television movie about a domestic abuse victim. Her role in the off-broadway play and the film version Extermities won her first of three Golden Globe nominations. She also was nominated for her role in the movies Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story and Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story.

Fawcett also posed for two of the best-selling issues of Playboy magazine, first in 1995 and in 1997…at the age of 50!


Fawcett unfortunately became ill with anal cancer in 2006. She underwent intensive treatment to prolong her life, but lost her life on June 25, 2009. She is survived by her son, Redmond O’Neal and long-term boyfriend Ryan O’Neal.