Beauty tips

NB2010: Speaking of Styling…

What a coincidence that I was thinking about how to style my hair as my latest post (By the way, Lee, your hair is GORGEOUS! I’m totally stealing that style)! I had a dream last night, (yes, I’m dreaming about being natural now), and I decided that this weekend when I wash my hair, the blow dryer and flat iron will be laid to rest. Yes, at 9 weeks post relaxer, I’m giving up most heat, excluding the dome dryer. That means two things:

1. My hair will be looking like crap for a while because I really only know how to blow-dry and flat-iron.
2. I will learn a lot about the do’s and don’ts of air-dry styling, which will help me in the future when styling my natural hair. Better to learn early than late!

Since I’m still technically relaxed, I think I will start by deep conditioning with a product that Lee recommended, which is the Profectiv Megagrowth Deep Strengthening Conditioner, mainly because I always moisturize, and I never use products with much protein. It’s probably about time that I start doing that. I think I’ll try curling the back with rods and possibly twisting the front with my favorite product, John Frieda, Secret Weapon. LOVE that stuff! I use it like gel. It does wonders for my edges and because of it’s consistency it doesn’t leave any flakes behind. And to keep things honest, I will post pics no matter how horrible my hair looks. I want to see how my styling skills progress over time. Wish me luck! I’ll report back with my results on Sunday.

Interesting quote from my godsister that I thought I would mention: “As naturals, we have a responsibility to walk outside with our hair looking fly so that the world knows that natural is beautiful!”