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NB2010: The Nice Things About Not Relaxing Next Week!

Hello everyone! New Beginnings 2010 here. Just wanted to keep the site up to date while LeAnne is busy with her hectic schedule, so I decided to leave you with a post about the positives of being relaxer-free!

This is the time I normally get a relaxer (around 10 weeks) and I’ve been thinking about all of the good things that NOT relaxing does for me so that I can stay positive while transitioning. Here’s a list:

* Oh my gosh, I can brush my edges and not worry about burning (not TOO much brushing because that will leave me with NO edges, lol)!
* Similar to the previous reason, I can give a lil scratch with no worries!
* Frizz? Not as serious as it would be with relaxed hair. I prefer a big bushy frizzy fro to a stringy, frizzy, relaxed mess
* I get to see and feel the natural texture I was born with – When I first started stretching my relaxers, I realized how fascinated I was with my natural texture. Now I get to feel it grow and change as it gets longer. It’s exciting!
* No more chemicals! I have heard and experienced way too many horror stories about the dangers of sodium hydroxide, and I’m glad to get it out of my life!
* No more flaky mess! I’ve heard a lot of people say that after they gave up the creamy crack, their scalp problems magically disappeared! I hope I’m one of those people, too!
* I can wash when I want! I’ll be washing 2 times a week, but with a relaxer, I didn’t mind waiting 10 – 12 days to preserve my look and avoid burning myself with a flat iron!
* I’ll be able to make a wavy bun! I can’t wait to see those waves coming in!

That’s all I can think of right now. Feel free to leave other positives about not relaxing as comments! LeAnne will be back soon with your natural living and fashion updates!