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Product Review: L’Oreal Elnet Hairspray

Is the Elnett Satin by L’oreal the best hairspray ever? Continue reading to find out.

Well, that sounds pretty normal for a hairspray, right? Is that not what they’re supposed to do?
Ah-ha! What makes the Elnett much more than the typical is it’s comb-ability. You can run a toothpick through that baby and change ‘dos instantly, making it a favorite of the industry.

I tried a trial size of the Elnett when I was wearing my extensions. I loved the spray because it gave me a satiny hold with virtually no stickiness. I was able to curl, flat iron and flip my hair into submission without hearing that horrid raking noise or scorching noise.

When I tried it on my own hair, I got the same results. Any hairspray you use will dry your hair out as long as it has alcohol in it’s ingredients list so I did get some minor breakage. However, the cons were pretty nil in comparision to other hairsprays. I cannot think of the last time I’ve used a hairspray and got touchable hold. I would totally repurchase this product.