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New Product Launch: Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

Aveda always comes out with something new and innovative for their hair product lines. Look out for their leave-in conditioner to the celebrated Aveda Damage Remedy collection. It is a high-performance daily leave-in treatment that instantly repairs hair and protect from heat style (psshaw, don’t I need that now!). It also detangles to prevent any further damage. DRDHR (Damage Remedy Hair Repair) is also clinically proven to stop breakage by 26%.

How, you ask? With naturally-derived quinoa proteins that saturate each strand and wheat proteins to protect against any future damage caused by regular hair appliances. Soy-derived oil makes hair slippery to halt friction when combing or brushing strands.
It does this all with girlish potpourri of essential oils featuring bergamont, ylang-ylang and mandarin.
Check out the promo photos and instructions.