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J’dore: Frosted Lavender Lips

MAC-lipgeleeFrosted lip colors are not just for tweens. Gone are the days of punchy pinks and gooey clears. Adding a pearly sheen to lips can brighten any face, awaken eyes and make an aging look more youthful. My favorite shade is MAC lipgelee in MEGA.

Don’t shy away from the frost, women of color! You, too, can rock the ladies shades all year around with these tips and suggested products.

For Olive women like Rashida Jones or Stacy Dash.

A punchy pink actually brightens sallow complexions without fading one’s natural beauty. It also works well over most lipstick shades. Stila lip glaze, Grapefruit, $22

For our berry-shade girls, try a warm pink bronze. This color can be work all year around and does not turn ashy against mahogany complexions. Victoria’s Secret LE Spring 2010 lip gloss, $10

Solange can pull off any shade simply because… she’s Solange and she’s gutsy! If you’re right in between (toasted almond skin or bronze) and you want to be just as wild as Beyoncé’s younger sis, try a grape or lavender gloss. Flirt! Squeeze Me super shiny lipgoss in Peppermint Fantasy, $12, Kohl’s

This pale, frosted pink perfectly compliments any lipstick. It also looks great on ladies with deep brown skin like Alexandra Burke, contributing a tiny bit of shine without looking overdone.