Natural care

Help! Hairs My Story: I’m Transitioning But I Still Want To Get My Hair Done!

Where do you go you’re in-between stage of growing out your natural hair?

* Opt for a sew-in weave, a braided style or anything that does not involve straightening or maintenance with high heat. You don’t want to damage your precious curls.
* If this is your first visit, ask for the most basic style. This way you can determine if the stylist is worth visiting again.

* Don’t be afraid to walk out. It’s your hair, your money, your time.
* Come early and be a ninja. Come in about thirty minutes early to observe how the stylist treats her other clients.
* Always opt for a treatment. In fact, before you even book the appointment, ask the stylist how much she charges for her deep conditioners and treatments. If the price is too high, find another one. Even if you conditioned your hair the day of, you always want to make sure your hair is in tip-top shape after the stylist shampoos it.
* To cut back on costs, ask if you can either wash and condition your own hair or bring your own products.
* Ask about what products the salon uses prior to booking appointment.

Natural Trendsetters
5100 West Commercial Boulevard
Tamarac, FL 33319-2834
(954) 486-1414

37 SW 5th Avenue
Delray Beach, Florida
(561) 330-0377

Don’t be surprised if you see me here getting my hair done! This is my regular spot to get my natural coif did. Natural Trendsetters offers two locations in South Florida filled with lively stylist, quality products and trendy decor. The owner, Simone Hylton is extremely gentle and informative about natural hair. If you’re looking for a salon that is professional and creative, I highly recommend Natural Trendsetters.

P.S.: Ask for Elke, she’s so stunning and sweet!

The Miss Jessie’s Salon

you’re a curly girl then I’m sure you know the brand. But, have you tried the salon? Miss Jessie’s offer all the services we “kinksters” need to smooth, elongate and define our curls. They even offer their world-famous Silkener, a chemical treatment that turns sexy kinks in krunk curls.

Miss Jessie’s Salon
120 Hancock St.
(Between Bedford & Nostrand)
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Tel: 718-852-2600
Mon-Sat: 9AM – 5PM by appt.

Saniyyah Naturally salon
Phone: 4045213388
482 Edgewood Avenue Northeast Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Jamilah Shakir has been doing this for 23 years, so expect only the best service. Her salon exclusively does the Easy Braid patented technique that cuts hair braiding and removal time by 80%. Jamilah also manufactures and carries only the best in products for natural hair with no artificial fillers.