Natural hair styles

Get The Look: Jill Scott @ Why Did I Get Married 2 NYC Premiere

Does Jill Scott just glow when she is in front of the camera? I’m not sure if it’s her many different natural ‘dos or the fact that she’s so fabulous in her own skin. Either way, she’s rocking it.

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This look is awesome for ladies who are transitioning to natural or just starting their natural journey. My best recommendation is to utilize hair extensions instead of your own hair. Trying to maintain this style with your hair for longer than one night is not reasonable; too much manipulation. Hair extensions won’t frizz as easily as natural hair.

You should bring Jumbo Braid hair and about 1 to 1/2 of Bohyme Brazilian wave hair to the salon if you want to complete this look. I would not recommend wet and wavy hair unless you’ve used that particular brand before. Some wet and wavy textures have so much synthetic fiber that it tangles easily and mat. Not to mention, the unpredictability of the length and the texture is a major problem with w&w.
The best way to achieve this style with extensions is to create feed-in braids, a process in which the braider add strands of braiding hair as he/she continues to cornrow the client’s own hair.

This video on feed-in braids is a great demonstration of the process. Not every stylist is capable of doing feed-in braids.

With my first experience, I lost my edges in a week because the stylist was pretty inexperience and braided my hair so tight I could not move even furrow my brow–“instant botox,” as I would call it. A good stylist knows how to add a strand of braiding hair into each row without causing the client pain.

Take it from me, if you feel any discomfort that will not go away the next day or with one headache reliever you need to remove the braids immediate.

The stylist will complete an entire head of horizontal cornrows and then loop wefts of hair over the braids on one half of the head. Depending on the shape of the head, the curly part may have to start closer to the opposite ear. If you have a long shaped face, you might want to try more or a slightly curlier texture, such as Black Diamond Somalian Curl. To retain curl, use a curl activator product or products created directly for curly weaves. Avoid oil sheen or greasy products on the weave; this will cause you to look like a wet dog.
Use a natural shampoo to keep the scalp clean.