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Skincare With Dr. Schultz: Facial Cream Around The Eyes?

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There is so much conflict around the usage of face cream. Some say that it is too thick and rich to be used around the eyes. I’ve read that using face cream can cause pimples and cysts. Read what Dr. Schultz–the professional– thinks.

Can You Use Regular Facial Creams Around Your Eyes?

Whether saving space in your travel bag or just practicing economical skin care, you actually can use most of your regular skincare products in your eye area. Yes, the skin nearest to your eye is the thinnest and most sensitive on your face, but with the exception of exfoliants and alcohol-based astringents, most regular skincare products are perfectly fine to use in the eye area. Of course when your gut tells you a product may be too strong, either avoid it all together or try a very small amount in a small area for two-to-three days to make sure it’s okay. Otherwise, you should feel comfortable using your regular facial creams in your eye area.

Still not comfortable using a facial cream around the eye area? Here area a few suggestions on eye creams for you to try.