Natural Hair products

NPR: Miss Jessie’s Makes the Best Darn Products, period.

The Miss Jessie’s company boasts the “best darn products, period” on the company’s website. Keep reading to see if I agree.

Beauty companies often make outrageous claims to fame, each rarely see the light of truth. But, Miss Jessie’s did a complete overhaul to the company’s brand, adding several new products, including sudsy shampoo, a sulfate-free cleanser, a rich rinse-out conditioner and a treatment. Not to mention continuing to grow their line of curl styles for all shapes of curls.

I recently started to delve into the Miss Jessie’s brand after a misunderstanding that ended in a horrid mishap a few years ago. I tried the Curly Meringue and Curly Pudding back in 2006 when I first joined the hair boards, not realizing that their products are essentially designed for natural hair. The results were not pretty.

I took baby steps with the brand after I went natural. I first bought the Stretch Silkening Creme, a product that worked–moderately– but it did not have much hold. My twists looked fuzzy very early. I won’t even mention how long it takes my hair to set for a twist out with this product. This is simply better suited for wash-n-go hair.

I bought the Super Slip Sudsy shampoo after a ran out one day. It blew my mind to have a shampoo that lathered and didn’t leave my hair ashy-dry. I was able to detangle with the ‘poo. A small droplet goes a very long way so, the bottle has pretty much last for almost half of a year. By far, the best shampoo I’ve used since I’ve gone natural.

I mustered up the gumption to buy the Curly Pudding and Curly Meringue again.
I bought two bottles in the BOGO sale and it just so happens that my “bestest” in the world bought me the trial pack. I ended up trying all the products immediately I fell in love with every one.
I loved the Butter cremes. I would have never imagined a product with mineral oil anywhere on the ingredients label would have helped my hair so much.

I used both the Curly Meringue, the Butter creme and Baby Butter creme Friday night while doing my dry twists. I’ve been studying the Miss Jessie’s instruction videos for months now, hoping to get the best results.
I alternated between the two Butter cremes, smoothing one onto small sections of my hair. Afterward, I added a small glob of the Curly Meringue, getting my hair mushy and wet with the product, then created small twists all over my head.
I let the hair dry overnight, went to work in my twists. Omigosh, the shine and the was disgustingly bling.
As I was driving home I untwisted the hair to find these gorgeous curls, just like in the video. I’ve used Fantasia IC gel for Dry Hair because I read it was cheaper and worked better than Miss Jessie’s.
That product was a complete waste of my time. I would never buy that gel again now that I have Miss Jessie’s.

Another of my favorite products from the line are the Creme De La Curl cleanser and Creme De La Creme conditioner. Both are wonderful recommendations for those on the Curly Girl regimen.

You’re not missing out if you buy one or the other–they are both designed for co-washing. The products are very thick and creamy, perfectly designed for combing through nasty snarls and kinks. The Comb basically glided through my hair while I am under the shower head.