Can I Get A Popcorn, Please: 2010’s Hottest New Flicks

Come see my picks for the coolest movies of the new year.

I’m not afraid to say it, you’re not a chick if you are not excited about the new Sex and the City film. C’mon… even butches are gearing up to see this one. But, if you really are not excited about getting “carried away” then I have some more brilliant picks for you. Trust me, this will be 40 times better than seeing Robert Patterson naked ( although, many things are better than seeing him nude.)

I love the reviews of this movie. I personally have always wanted to hit the slopes so this will give me the shivers (pun intended). We see actors Kevin Zieger and Shawn Ashmore in “Frozen”, a new horror flick about three teens who hoodwink their way onto a lift and get stuck… for an entire week. Critics say it’s the Jaws of the ski-set but I’m envisioning Open Water all over again with the wolves below.

I’m actually in the process of writing the review for the book. I’m so amped to see the movie but I must admit I have extremely high hopes. As far as the cinematography, Peter Jackson seem to have done a brilliant job. Never in my wildest dreams– nor do I imagine in Alice Sebold’s– would I have pictured the heaven to look so grand as it did in the trailer.

I think as long as the director gives the movie enough time to unfold the events of the book then this film will get an Oscar nod.

The book is brilliantly haunting.
The Lovely Bones movie is based on the novel of the same title by Alice Sebold. Set in the 1970s, Susie Salmon is a victim of murder. Her death unites her community but tears her family apart. Susie watches her family from up above in her perfect heaven but struggles with the fact that she cannot be with them nor change the inevitable unraveling of her loved ones. On the few occasions where she can make contact with those she left behind she ends up putting their lives in jeporady as they try to capture her killer.

announcement of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, I cringed inside while a resounding “not again” reverberated in the pit of my soul. I never got Burton’s films and never wanted to. I always found his work to be too much and took away from the essence of the plot. I might as well look at a coffee table book if I wanted to see something pretty.

But, I see the plot takes off where the original children’s book by Lewis Caroll left off. Once again, Johnny Depp joins the Disney roster to portray the Mad Hatter (how befitting!) and even Anne Hathaway gets into the act as the White Queen. I may, or may not, watch this one but I know many fans of Burton and Depp will love it.