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hair color

Know that for the hair to the sea, the watchword is hydration. Never forget the mask or restructuring the balm: they could break off and become stringy!

Personally, I recommend you tie them forever or if you prefer to stop them with a belt or a headband. Some say that the rubber bands tend to ruin the lengths but in reality will be much worse than having to untangle the knots that are formed with the wind.

Always use a dry oil well during the exhibition: especially if your hair is colored to be protected in a special way.

Or protect them with a scarf or a bandana: in addition to dry out will not help them very fashionable!

Attention also to the shampoo, not aggressive ones used for oily hair . Better a mild shampoo or one specifically for the sun does not necessarily have to spend a lot of money, there are excellent products for the sun even at the supermarket.

Attention then tenders: this summer is in perfumery, salon and supermarkets you can get two for the price of one. Get It!