Product reviews

The hair dryer spin curl


Try to give the hair a bit ‘form and see more frustrating is flat and smooth. Only those who have straight hair and thin it can understand. There are many techniques to enrich (or at least create some kind of wave) your hair . Today I would like to talk about Spin Curl Remington.

E ‘futile despair among curlers (which must stay on for hours and while we turn the house like crazy in hopes of not having emergencies) and iron for curls. With a very thin hair you just have to act forcefully.

Spin Curl is a hair dryer with a particular speaker that promises so flimsy. To make it work the instructions say to divide the hair wet (passed a towel to absorb water) into sections, put them into the cylinder. It ‘a kind of speaker that attaches to the dryer and do not worry it does not burn or ruffles his hair.

I assure you, but to deny you just need to try, once access hair will be twisted into the cylinder and dried. Magically, removed the device, a cascade of curls appear natural. Okay I exaggerated, first you have to dissolve the temporary rasta effect. You are skeptical. I recommend it and then write me. It costs about 50 euro.