Hair care

Dyed hair, how to protect the color


The color of our hair tends to change over time, it becomes more opaque, the colors take on lighter shades. Especially in the summer with the sun and ‘salt water, the change is seen widely and is usually not a beauty. The question we ask is how can we protect our color.

Unfortunately, not all colors are permanent and continue to dye your hair to keep the color is not a solution. We would risk damaging them (focused only on the touch-up) and above all not to get the desired color. Then there are the post dyeing treatment to follow.

When you go to your hairdresser controlled after use of the dye fixative. Then in the following days, at home, used for washing your products for the protection of the colors. You find them in stores but also for stylists at the supermarket. slow the loss of tone and help maintain the shine. E ‘Needless to say, I know you’re the expert. But I do it for those who have always in a hurry: If you use dye to water (and obviously non-permanent) in a few washes will lose their color.

Among the things to avoid:

  • Too hot loses shine
  • Excessive exposure to sun and chlorine
  • does not apply to hot oil or balm to proteins because they prevent the color of the hair thoroughly soak.