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  • strengthen hair

    Home Remedy to strengthen hair

    Home remedy to strengthen the hair, we all know that hair falls between hormonal changes a thousand reasons, abuse and inappropriate products we are with dull hair and sometimes the fall is something

  • Hair care

    Hair care – 5 myths dispelled

    Always comes back as an argument ... hair care products. And rightly so, because it's an important thing for most of the readers who write to us for advice. Because we want all of the hair strong,

  • fine hair

    Trick to give volume to fine hair

    Trick to give volume to fine hair, certainly give volume to hair is one of the things they want to achieve all the girls, except those having a curly or wavy hair not see them with this problem is

  • Choosing The Best Tone Dye

    Tips For Choosing The Best Tone Dye

    Tips for choosing the best tone dye to get the most benefit, and that perfectly match your skin tone. As you see in the picture above the actress Amanda Bynes, her hair dyed dark and clear, the tone

  • hair loss treatment

    Fall hair, hair loss treatment tips

    The fall season means more attention in the care of the scalp and length: TONI & GUY 10 suggests practical measures to preserve the welfare and tackle the fall. TONI & GUY is attentive not only to

  • Heart-Shaped Face

    Tips To Comb With A Heart-Shaped Face

    Tips to comb with a heart-shaped face, the heart-shaped faces tend to be less common, but if any, and with them as with other forms of face must be ground rules for getting the most out combed the

  • Round Face

    Tips For Hair With A Round Face

    Tips for hair with a round face, certainly we have already shown hairstyles for girls with a round face and may be drawn the best out of it, and in the case of round faces that can have plump cheeks

  • Hats Pimkie

    Hats Pimkie Summer 2011

    Hats Pimkie summer 2011, summer brings many colorful and comfortable clothing and bring us back a perfect complement to the season hat. And since so many trends in hats look in summer 2011, the brand

  • Tips for long hair

    Hairstyles 2011, Tips for long hair

    Hairstyles 2011,Tips for long hair, girls with long hair have the advantage of being able to take long hair to change its look every time, because using their creativity can achieve for themselves

  • Hair-bulky-Bodied

    5 Secrets to Hair bulky Bodied

    Voluminous, healthy hair is the dream of many girls, especially those with flat hair that seem to have no life. But as you can get a more voluminous hair? Here are a few secrets to give volume to