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Hair color

Extensions Balmain Hair Color

Extensions Balmain hair color, we’ve already told you about the beautiful options for hair that has the brand Balmain styling product. That has to his credit many collections of quality hair extensions, across a palette of shades for every possible… Continue Reading →

Inspiration hair: All of the declinations of fire red hair

The red color is a sensual, feminine, reminiscent of the passion: this hair color is perfect for a strong woman who knows what he wants and not afraid to dare.

Inspiration Hair: Short Hair Cuts Pink

The singer Pink is famous for his songs and his scathing attitude bag girl, but also for its unique look and the continuing changes of hairstyle. Among the many hair cuts and color changes are worth noting her short cuts:… Continue Reading →

Keys to your hair before coloring

Before the hair dye How to dye her hair alone? Here a few tips to transform your look from the comfort of your home. Before dyeing your hair First, get a cut. Make sure that the ends are healthy for… Continue Reading →

Inspiration Hair: Crazy Multicolor

Streaked blond hair black, yellow and pink – suitable for a strong woman and particular. Thick long hair with bangs, blue, blue and purple. This color is perfect for the dreamy and romantic. Braid hair soft pink, purple, lilac and… Continue Reading →

10 tips to prevent gray hair

Sooner or later we’ll all end up with gray hair at any time since the loss of melanin – the pigment that gives hair its color – is a normal and natural aging. However, did you know that you can… Continue Reading →

Natural Remedy To Polish The Hair

A beautiful and shiny hair seems to be the mission of our lives, and this is something we can achieve with a simple natural remedy to brighten the hair, and bearing in mind that healthy eating contributes nutrients the hair… Continue Reading →

Tips For Choosing The Best Tone Dye

Tips for choosing the best tone dye to get the most benefit, and that perfectly match your skin tone. As you see in the picture above the actress Amanda Bynes, her hair dyed dark and clear, the tone of your… Continue Reading →

Ideas For Straight Hair Dye

Ideas for coloring your hair straight, and we have shown in another post pictures, ideas for dyeing hair with waves, and certainly are now convinced that it is always better to see the tone that you like so much on… Continue Reading →

Emo hairstyles summer 2011

2011 Summer Emo hairstyles, fashion so young and sexy Emo, one of the most popular urban tribes of timeless and will for a long time, while there are young people who yearn for a form of expression, that it is… Continue Reading →

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