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  • Fall arrest hair care

    Hair loss: take food supplements The health of our hair is a reflection of our diet and our lifestyle. Thus, a poor diet, stress or fatigue are not beneficial. It is therefore quite normal to

  • color-of-dye

    Trick to choose the color of dye

    Trick to choose the color of dye which often occurs in spite of being told that a particular dye color blends nicely with our tone when we applied this not simply because maybe the tone is different

  • Hair Care in Summer

    Hair Care in summer ... The arrival of the months of intense heat is not a good time for hair health.

  • Cosmetic products

    Cosmetic products for your hair care

    Cosmetic products for the care of your hair ... Thanks to various cosmetic products that are now our alcanse, we can take care and keep your hair healthy and splendid. Here are some of them.

  • hair care

    Tips for hair care

    Tips for hair care ... Many are the questions we ask when hair care is concerned, so, here we answer. Is it necessary to use cream rinse? Without doubt, the cream rinse is a great help to

  • hair before coloring

    Keys to your hair before coloring

    Before the hair dye How to dye her hair alone? Here a few tips to transform your look from the comfort of your home. Before dyeing your hair First, get a cut. Make sure that the ends are

  • foods strengthen hair

    What foods strengthen hair

    What foods strengthen hair? Hair is not just an aesthetic part of the human body, but is a living material that also suffers and benefits from the state of health of the body. Here the importance of

  • nutrients for hair

    What nutrients the hair needs

    What nutrients needed by the hair. Your hair is long enough to be in shape? Here are the ingredients that may be missing in your diet to nourish your hair. The nutrients we need for the hair:

  • Hair care

    Hair care – 5 myths dispelled

    Always comes back as an argument ... hair care products. And rightly so, because it's an important thing for most of the readers who write to us for advice. Because we want all of the hair strong,

  • Women Haircuts

    Women Haircuts

    Within all Haircuts by type of person, it's time to tell you about trends in hairstyles for women in this year 2011. The trends for cutting women's hair are varied, ranging from the most extreme