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    Dry hair: causes for better action

    Your hair is coarse, inflexible and lost their luster? The tips are split and break easily? There is no doubt that your hair is dry. To remedy this and choose the right care, first identify the cause. Why does hair go dry? Among the root causes of the drying of hair, there are the bad habits. Many people wash their hair several times a week. Too much washing can break the hair, especially if too detergent shampoo that removes the protective hydrolipidic film is used. Styling products containing alcohol, such as frost, prove as harmful. Frequent coloring can also be the cause of the fragility of the hair, as perms,…

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    Natural hair styles

    The natural care for hair

    The banana little care for dry hair The banana has become for some time the star fruit as part of a slimming diet. But do you know that it is also used to treat dry hair? To do this, you must mix a banana with a third of a cup of olive oil . Then apply the mixture on slightly damp hair and wrap them with plastic wrap. After an hour break, the hair is rinsed and then used the shampoo as usual. During the winter, set your dryer to the minimum power not to the point and attack the roots of hair.

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    Latest Hair Styles

    Become a modern hairstyle

    A hairstyle says a lot about our image and appearance we want to give. Therefore, we can play with our hair every day to become the girl that we want. Today we will talk about modern hairstyles and breakers. They are perfect to accompany a more sober and classic look and of course for those nights when we want to emphasize our beauty. Follow the step by step our advice and get a modern hairstyle and style loaded latest trend.

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    Hair care

    Pamper your hair with masks DIY

    So why not create a mask or wrap hair with what you have at home? You’ll save lots of money, you’re sure to have a 100% natural and will also be fun. Let’s see how. Mask for dry hair with honey and olive oil From ancient times women using these two ingredients to give luster to the hair. 5 with 3 tablespoons of honey and olive oil, create a homogeneous pap to be distributed on the hair and hold on for 30 minutes. You’ll see what results! Hydrating Fruit Mask Whisk two apples and a banana with 250 ml. glycerin and let stand several hours in a glass jar. Apply…

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