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    Treating brittle hair and split ends

    Why does hair become brittle and split ends? The hair acts like a rubber band. It is the keratin, which gives this property so that it can stretch up to 40%. When hair is brittle, they are damaged and aging prematurely. Keratin loses its elasticity. This loss of strength of the hair is the result of abusive treatment such as perms, straightening, bleaching, braids too frequent, etc.. The forks are visible on long hair. Hair cracks to where the keratin resists the least. This phenomenon results in a duplication of the tip of the hair. The protective cuticle is damaged. In general, the fork is a long two to three…

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    Pamper your hair with masks DIY

    So why not create a mask or wrap hair with what you have at home? You’ll save lots of money, you’re sure to have a 100% natural and will also be fun. Let’s see how. Mask for dry hair with honey and olive oil From ancient times women using these two ingredients to give luster to the hair. 5 with 3 tablespoons of honey and olive oil, create a homogeneous pap to be distributed on the hair and hold on for 30 minutes. You’ll see what results! Hydrating Fruit Mask Whisk two apples and a banana with 250 ml. glycerin and let stand several hours in a glass jar. Apply…

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