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Hairstyle and beauty tips for your wedding day

It goes without saying that every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, but sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds. Preparing for a wedding can make it difficult for a bride to look her best,… Continue Reading →

How should the bride makeup to do well in the photos

How should the bride makeup to do well in the photos, brinadamos Here are some tips to help you out radiant in your wedding photos. Start by considering whether it not be better to hire an expert, do not forget… Continue Reading →

Brides makeup step

Wash skin thoroughly with cleansing milk. Apply toner and moisturizer. Apply all over face and neck a vial to extend the life of our makeup. Use a pre-makeup base to prepare the skin giving stability to the bottom of makeup… Continue Reading →

Beauty tips for a perfect wedding makeup

The ultimate purpose of makeup is to disguise the defects and make the bride look radiant, whether you go for a style as a modern classic. What we ask the makeup? Do not run, to hold all day, not to… Continue Reading →

Sexy Wedding Dresses by Oscar de la Renta

One thing I noticed is that many of their designs meet most brides want to get rid of the traditional virginal eyes and go for something a little more bold and daring. I love how their wedding dresses that brides… Continue Reading →

How to make up for our party of 15

It is certain that in your quince want to be the most beautiful of all, this means you can not miss any detail of your grooming and between these details we have perhaps the most important makeup. Most of us… Continue Reading →

The beauty secrets of Oriental women capillary

Rasul’s hair soft It is in Morocco found the only deposit of Rasul in the world. This kind of clay is very rich in minerals, whose main properties are to be antiseptic and absorbent. The Rasul is also known for… Continue Reading →

5 Beauty trends for fall do not miss this

What color lipstick you choose this fall? Realize that hairstyles? What eyeshadow color your eye? If you want to be in step with the trends of makeup fall 2011, here’s the Top 5 hottest makeup trends for this season. They… Continue Reading →

Understand if the enamel is’ dry? Do not miss a trick here

The enamel is one of the most loved cosmetics by women, even those that do not generally wear make-up: this is because the enamel makes her hands and beautiful women, turning them completely with a touch of color. But we… Continue Reading →

The Afro soft, hair cut

How to create a soft afro The African Cup is a sweet easy to create at home. Let’s start with curly hair. Do braids to accentuate your curls. Wear braids for 3 days on average before removing. Furthermore, use of… Continue Reading →

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