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Wedding hairstyle

Classic hairstyle for bride

Classic wedding hairstyle for the winter season becomes more formal weddings in the spring, summer, because the same move for the rigors of the climate inside and so the clothes are classic wedding hairstyles and logically follow that trend, collected… Continue Reading →

Ponytail hairstyle for bride

Ponytail hairstyle for brides as I have mentioned on other occasions, nothing like a pigtail hairstyle adorned with beautiful details to become a special hairstyle, which combines simplicity with the greatest elegance and a wedding is an absolute letter triumph…. Continue Reading →

Bridal hair ornaments sophisticated

Bridal hair ornaments sophisticated, full details of wedding dress should be well chosen and all must be of quality and great taste, to a wedding where the bride is the undisputed star of the event, and a hair ornament will… Continue Reading →

Braids hairstyle for a wedding

Hairstyles with braids for a wedding, thinking about what hairstyle to look at that wedding that you have invited in spring-summer 2011, we present one of the trends that take this 2011, such as braids despeinadas we have seen in… Continue Reading →

Bridal hairstyles do it yourself

For long hair creates a head of curls For long hair, there are numerous variations for the wedding styling. The bride would wear the hair down, so it can be turned on big curlers. A generous dollop of mousse, spread… Continue Reading →

Tips for wedding hairstyles

The best day of your life is known to be the one who own wedding. Many weeks before, planned and organized – the restaurant, the guest list, invitations, wedding dress, etc. Last but not least, the bride in advance of… Continue Reading →

Collected bridal hairstyles

They take those gathered that mix different textures braids and thicknesses, bows dancer, disheveled pigtails and carded the same time. So gone are the bows and collected classical life and the trends are renewed by opening a makeshift range of… Continue Reading →

Bridal Hairstyle

To determine the type of hair you have to take into account the style of wedding dress and her preferences. If the dress is formal, conservative styling is more successful, while if the youth is ultra hair has to look… Continue Reading →

Year’s Eve party hairstyles

Year’s Eve party hairstyles, elegant and relaxed look at the proposals for the New Year’s Eve, when you want a spectacular addition to a nice hair dress that makes you look very elegant. And these hairstyles of the images come… Continue Reading →

Collected for wedding hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles, proposals for brides beautiful with long hair who want to look very romantic styling. Hairstyles long hair gathered profit, are good for strapless dresses or wear low-cut because allow attachments to be chosen to enhance them, but also… Continue Reading →

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