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Natural hair styles

Frizz: Tips and natural remedies for your hair

Frizz is one of the most common hair problems. To combat the frizz there are several tricks, natural remedies and tips … Frizz. Tips and natural remedies for your hair frizz is one of the most common hair problems. Frizz… Continue Reading →

Child with braids hairstyle

Hairstyle with braids child is certainly not very often we bring suggestions of hairstyles for girls, although it must be said in our section of hairstyles for girls there are some attractive styles. But today is different, because today we… Continue Reading →

Hair extensions for Valentine’s Day

Hairstyles for Valentines with extensions short hair may or Melenita that makes you think that little can make for a great new look and surprise that special guy in that romantic Valentine’s date. There is no such situation because taking… Continue Reading →

Simple long hairstyles

Simple long hairstyles sometimes you do not need a big hair made ​​to look good the wearing of long hair and well cared for and is an attraction for those who enjoy taking care of your personal image to one… Continue Reading →

Hairstyles for Long Hairs Party

Hair comb great for New Year’s Eve. Long wavy hair where trendsetters for the next 2012. If your hair does not have much volume and you want to do this, one of the ideas is easier to add some waves… Continue Reading →

2012 Evening Hairstyle

Evening Hairstyle 2012, although this hairstyle which is a variant of the “Top Knot” has been past seasons both day and night is an ideal hairstyle for a party, in which you shine with your makeup, take to also admire… Continue Reading →

Hairstyles hippies

The hippies hairstyles are those that recreate the style of the “hippie look” that set the trend and made ​​the dress and her hair in the early 60 loso and much of the 70.

The natural care for hair

The banana little care for dry hair The banana has become for some time the star fruit as part of a slimming diet. But do you know that it is also used to treat dry hair? To do this, you… Continue Reading →

Give a beautiful look to oily hair

Characteristics of greasy hair It is recognized oily hair when the hair is shiny, heavy, flat and glued to the skull even the day after a shampoo. This makes for one in four women and is characterized by seborrhea, an… Continue Reading →

The famous prefer: layered haircut

The famous parades enjoy the latest in the ‘front row’, are inspired to take the trends you see With Your own eyes, and we copy the ‘color block’ or blouse star Sara Carbonero Letizia Ortiz. The celebrities curl hair or… Continue Reading →

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