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Latest Hair Styles

7 Mens Medium Hairstyles with Some to Little Barber Visits to Maintain Them

Not all people have much time to spend to style their hairs, let alone going to barber in regular basis. If that is the case with you then, you better consider styling mens medium hairstyles. While short hairstyles can change… Continue Reading →

Visiting a Top Hair Salon? 5 Questions to Ask Your Stylist

As you prepare for your next salon appointment, it’s worth considering a few questions you can ask your stylists to help you maintain strong and healthy hair. We agree that the salon chair can be so intimidating. You don’t always… Continue Reading →

Hair cuts stepped spring / summer 2016

One of the cuts trend of spring / summer 2016 are scaling hair cuts. We tell you how to take and what are the best hairstyles. Hair cuts stepped spring / summer 2016. One of the star hairstyles for spring… Continue Reading →

Braids Tyrolean Autumn 2013 2014

Hairstyles with braids collected autumn 2013 2014 We’ve already given you some great ideas for hairstyles with braids fall 2013 2014, surely you liked. And lass braids remain today, one of the handiest hairstyles because they are easy to achieve,… Continue Reading →

For beautiful hair, let a lot of vitamins!

Vitamins B5 and B8 for hair regrowth. Several reasons are responsible for hair loss and poor condition. This may be due to poor diet, a change in climate, use of aggressive products, etc.. Very effective against hair loss, vitamin B8… Continue Reading →

Fall arrest hair care

Hair loss: take food supplements The health of our hair is a reflection of our diet and our lifestyle. Thus, a poor diet, stress or fatigue are not beneficial. It is therefore quite normal to strengthen our intake of vitamin… Continue Reading →

Latest trends in hair and makeup

This article will discuss three photographs of latest trends in hair and makeup. We will see the three looks more and take recommend makeup. STYLE: The first look (left) is a simple style to go to work. It is ideal… Continue Reading →


Enrico Mariotti is one of the most well-known hair stylist in the world of fashion and advertising. We meet regularly at fashion shows where care and ‘invents’ the hairstyles of female and male models. Henry is the official hairstylist for… Continue Reading →

Short hair with bangs fall 2013 2014

It will fall and with it, one of the biggest fashion trends in haircuts and hairstyles, nothing less than the fringe. That bangs that you like, will be back in its many styles but triumphing which completely covers the front… Continue Reading →

The 4 leafs hairstyles of our favorite girls

The experts tell us how to bring these hairstyles beauty icons The British stylist Anthony Turner and renowned colorist Mario Charalambous , experts from L’Oréal Professional , are one of the most dynamic duos that inspire trends. This time, creativity… Continue Reading →

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