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    Causes for hair loss in women

    Poor circulation in the scalp, due to stress, also causes hair loss. Here are some tips to help us Quidar our hair, and look healthy and attractive. Sebo and Pollution One of the main reasons for hair loss is the assortment of micro-pollutants, waste products for hair care and sebum hinder their access to the hair follicle. Tallow is a core of fat produced by the skin. Sebum actually plays a vital role in the health of your scalp, but excessive production of sebum caused by stress (this is a major cause of hair loss in women) and a diet high in animal fat creates excess sebum secretion. When the…

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    Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss by L’Oreal

    L’Oreal Studio Line, a whole philosophy Studio Line is a trademark of L’Oreal on the premise that everyone should be allowed to define its own personality through his look. Your Style, Your Studio is also the logo of this ideology. Thus, the act of maintaining, modeling, new hairdo has become a way to express themselves. Now everyone can adopt its own style using major technological innovations. The novelty of L’Oreal Studio Line Styling Silk & Gloss testament to this philosophy. Fixing hair spray that makes them as bright as silky. Indeed, thanks to micro-silk fibers it contains, the Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss helps you create your hairstyle. Thus,…

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    Styling wax for a long hairstyle

    A structured hairstyle Styling wax is a cream finish that is to hold a defined hairstyle. This lotion creates the same effect as frost, but the hair remains soft and shiny. Unlike the latter, the wax is mainly composed of plant and mineral materials and does not dry the hair. The use of the gel is indeed not recommended by professional hairdressers because of the preservatives that tend to tarnish and damage the hair. The natural wax and fits all types of hairstyles smooth, toothed, curly or pockets. And Highlight your hair style by applying a styling material that ensures long-lasting hold of your mane. The effects of the lotion…

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    Chocolate treatment for hair

    Chocolate not only eats, is also put on the hair! Learn all about this hair treatment made from cacao to nourish your hair and straightening. Recently it has become very popular chocolate treat hair. We have seen in salons and aesthetic, in the supermarket, advertising and everywhere. It is one of the most famous hair treatments but what good?; Is it a keratin treatment ?; Is it for dry or damaged hair? All these doubts the resolved Domingo Del Moral, Technical Director and Specialist in Mexico Alfaparf hair. The first thing to know is that there are several types of chocolate treatments, however what all have in common is that…

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    Dry hair: causes for better action

    Your hair is coarse, inflexible and lost their luster? The tips are split and break easily? There is no doubt that your hair is dry. To remedy this and choose the right care, first identify the cause. Why does hair go dry? Among the root causes of the drying of hair, there are the bad habits. Many people wash their hair several times a week. Too much washing can break the hair, especially if too detergent shampoo that removes the protective hydrolipidic film is used. Styling products containing alcohol, such as frost, prove as harmful. Frequent coloring can also be the cause of the fragility of the hair, as perms,…

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    Long hairstyles for fall 2013 2014

    Long Hair Fall 2013 2014 Although the trend in short hair will fall, enjoying the long hair will not have to sacrifice because the waves or very sharp or slightly loose, will trend well. So you can make the most because you know that they provide lots of volume and movement to the hair. If you have straight hair you can get waves to your liking and if you have naturally wavy, then it fail to look glamorous. Wavy hairstyle fall 2013 2014 You can take very sharp waves hairstyle in the first picture above, but the tips or bets are limited by long hairstyles for fall 2013 2014 with…

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    Braids Tyrolean Autumn 2013 2014

    Hairstyles with braids collected autumn 2013 2014 We’ve already given you some great ideas for hairstyles with braids fall 2013 2014, surely you liked. And lass braids remain today, one of the handiest hairstyles because they are easy to achieve, you are good to all, lend themselves well to festivals to go to work and there are so many styles that you could wear braids every day without ever tired of them. So today we braids for the near fall, we know that these three styles find your approval to look fashionable and stylish. Braids Tyrolean Autumn 2013 2014 These pretty braids are a headband made of hair on the…

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    Short hair with bangs Autumn 2013

    Short hair with bangs Autumn 2013 Girls who are thinking about getting a new look in autumn, should note that the bangs returns with fury and can now wear short hair with bangs to your liking. So we present you three suggestions for short hair with bangs autumn 2013. This cutting style has its advantages, you will not have to waste much time in taking care and less on achieving and maintaining it, is washed and combed, and always look good. Short hair with bangs for fall 2013 Furthermore, the trend is short hair with bangs fall 2013, slightly disheveled. So you are very young or an adult you can…

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    Bridal Hairstyle 2014 romantic autumn collected

    The third suggestion is a romantic wedding hairstyle, lovely by itself. A wonderful touch is the leading ornament that contributes to the effect of romance of it. The hair is tied back with a few strands that are twisted slightly. It is the perfect hairstyle for a wedding dress without much ostentation, a classic dress without unnecessary ornaments. Perfect Hairstyles for brides that look perfect on the most special day of their lives, and now that the end is near for the day, choose one of these hairstyles is a perfect choice.

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    Updos bride Autumn 2014

    While our first suggestion is collected autumn 2013 2014, very wavy hairstyle lovely bride the second image corresponds to a more classic hairstyle straight hair that is part of the appeal. It is a neat style that although the two are very stylish, the second responds to a super classic style with a chic wedding dress. Both are beautiful and both styles are ideal for a wedding, but hairstyles is maximized natural hair texture. This means that for a bride with a slightly wavy hair the first hairstyle is perfect as is the second for a limp bride.