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September 2017

An Overview of Popular Laser Skincare Options

The skincare industry has vastly expanded its laser treatment options in the last 20 years or so. As it has done so, the popularity of such treatments has steadily increased as well. In fact approximately six time the amount of… Continue Reading →

How to Smell Sexy: the 5 Most Sensual Perfume Notes

Perfume is like an extension to our personality and, if we are honest, we are often employing it in order to attract other people. We put our hopes in our perfumes and try to pick these so that they express… Continue Reading →

Visiting a Top Hair Salon? 5 Questions to Ask Your Stylist

As you prepare for your next salon appointment, it’s worth considering a few questions you can ask your stylists to help you maintain strong and healthy hair. We agree that the salon chair can be so intimidating. You don’t always… Continue Reading →

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