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    The Beard Through History

    The first uses of beards were very utilitarian though the cavemen who grew them had no idea what that meant. Living in a cave could be a cold affair and warmth was the initial use but soon afterward they realized some of the more useful uses such as intimidating the neighbors and protecting themselves from flying objects such as next caves rocks coming over the fence. The next evolution came from the ancient Greeks who saw them as a symbol wisdom and knowledge. The Spartans took it one step further and shaved off half a man’s beard to tell everyone else that they were cowards. A tradition later taken on…

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  • wedding day
    Wedding hairstyle

    Bridesmaid Frenzy – The 3 Hair Tips for A Stress Free Wedding

    The wedding day is almost here and it has been quite a ride. But it is not over until the last picture is taken and that mean fantastic hair that will last for the duration. This does not have to be a big problem if you follow some common sense tips like the ones below. There is more to being beautiful than hair and make-up. A bride that is over tired, stressed, and uncomfortable, cannot cover that up with lipstick. So before you get to the wedding day, take some precautions. There is nothing more tiring than getting ready for a wedding. You tend to neglect yourself and it shows…

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  • home decor

    Things you need to build a beautiful house

    The house is the one place in the whole world which you can count on. Like the family, no matter what happens, people come and go, but the family remains. This is what is special about them. Similarly, no matter where you go, you know that there is one place in the whole world which belongs to you and you have to return to that place. This is the reason why so many people are interested in making their house comfortable and beautiful, so that they can find peace in it. Following are the few things which can help you with that: Pilings: When it comes to building your own…

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