Invisalign in Australia provides a better alternative to traditional Orthodontic methods

Traditional orthodonticmethods involve wires and braces to correct tooth alignment but advances in dental sciences now provide better alternatives.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary new process that allows for the straightening of teeth without using wires or braces. Instead, it uses a set of clear aligners that fit perfectly over the teeth and move them slowly to the correct position. They also have the added benefit of being removable which is quite helpful when eating, brushing or flossing

Aligners are made from dental impressions taken using advanced 3D imaging. This imaging is used to picture the sequence of shifting in the teeth so that the aligners can be made in the same sequence to provide the optimum result. Regular visits to the dentist or orthodontist ensure that the treatment is progressing properly.

It is advised by Dentists Newcastle and others that the aligners be changed every two weeks. The entire process of the treatment spans for approximately twelve months, but it depends on the amount of treatment needed.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign Australiaprovides many advantages over the traditional methods of braces and wires.

–          It can be easily removed and hence will not affect your eating habits and also makes flossing much easier than braces.

–          It maintains better oral hygiene by preventing accumulation of food and plague, thus preventing tooth decay and gum diseases

–          These aligners are clear and discrete and can be beneficial to teenagers and adults alike

–          Advanced 3D imaging allows to project every stage of the treatment plan which allows the patients to actually see what the end result of the treatment is going to be like

Invisalign Australia can be used to treat many dental conditions, some of which are as follows:

–          Crowded teeth

If the jaw is too small to accommodate all the teeth, it can lead to overcrowding which can lead to various oral problems as it becomes difficult to clean between the teeth efficaciously.

Invisalign can help in such cases by slowly moving the teeth and creating more room in the mouth.

–          Spaced teeth

Owing to an assortment of causes, like small-sixed teeth, missing teeth, abnormal growth of jaw bones, genetics or tongue protrusion can lead to spaces in between teeth which can lead to periodontal diseases like gingivitis which, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss.

–          Cross bite

It is a case where there is a lateral misalignment of the dental arches. Teeth of the lower jaw overlap those of the upper jaw. This can lead to more wear on the lower teeth and painful joints and jaw.

–          Deep bite

This is a case where the upper front teeth cover the lowers much more than is normal. This can cause jaw and joint pain and cause excessive wear on the teeth.

How much does it cost?

Invisalign can be pretty costly, but dentists Newcastle promise to deliver the very best for what you pay. The average cost differs for each locality and dental practitioner.

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