Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss by L'Oreal

L’Oreal Studio Line, a whole philosophy

Studio Line is a trademark of L’Oreal on the premise that everyone should be allowed to define its own personality through his look. Your Style, Your Studio is also the logo of this ideology. Thus, the act of maintaining, modeling, new hairdo has become a way to express themselves. Now everyone can adopt its own style using major technological innovations. The novelty of L’Oreal Studio Line Styling Silk & Gloss testament to this philosophy.

Fixing hair spray that makes them as bright as silky. Indeed, thanks to micro-silk fibers it contains, the Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss helps you create your hairstyle. Thus, the cut takes for 24 h and remains as flawless as the output of a hair salon. Therefore, you can take the cut you want. Apart from its fixative effect, the styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss by L’Oreal makes your more beautiful hair. Inspired by the fabulous Eva Longoria, this promises a significant result.

Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss by L'Oreal

Studio Line Silk & Gloss and Silk & Gloss Fixing Mousse Strong

Lightweight and comfortable to touch, your hair becomes as soft as silk. But that’s not all, because this fixative also gives volume to fine hair. Valid for all hair types and all colors, spray L’Oreal is also convenient as effective and its use is very easy. After washing and drying your hair, apply the spray by putting his head down. Put in a good amount of hair and insist more on the roots. To finish, apply the spray with a distance of 20 cm with the hair so that the hair is stronger.

Styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss by L'Oreal

Studio Line Silk & Gloss is also foamed called: Fixing Silk & Gloss Mousse Strong. The latter acts as the capping Studio Line Silk & Gloss only, it should be applied to damp hair. After laying the foam, you can easily achieve curls scrunchant hair with your hands. To have a lot more volume, it is necessary to dry the hair upside down. When hair is dry, it is recommended to apply the styling Studio Line Silk & Gloss to keep the hair longer.

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