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July 2014

Chocolate treatment for hair

Chocolate not only eats, is also put on the hair! Learn all about this hair treatment made from cacao to nourish your hair and straightening. Recently it has become very popular chocolate treat hair. We have seen in salons and… Continue Reading →

Dry hair: causes for better action

Your hair is coarse, inflexible and lost their luster? The tips are split and break easily? There is no doubt that your hair is dry. To remedy this and choose the right care, first identify the cause. Why does hair… Continue Reading →

Long hairstyles for fall 2013 2014

Long Hair Fall 2013 2014 Although the trend in short hair will fall, enjoying the long hair will not have to sacrifice because the waves or very sharp or slightly loose, will trend well. So you can make the most… Continue Reading →

Braids Tyrolean Autumn 2013 2014

Hairstyles with braids collected autumn 2013 2014 We’ve already given you some great ideas for hairstyles with braids fall 2013 2014, surely you liked. And lass braids remain today, one of the handiest hairstyles because they are easy to achieve,… Continue Reading →

Short hair with bangs Autumn 2013

Short hair with bangs Autumn 2013 Girls who are thinking about getting a new look in autumn, should note that the bangs returns with fury and can now wear short hair with bangs to your liking. So we present you… Continue Reading →

Bridal Hairstyle 2014 romantic autumn collected

The third suggestion is a romantic wedding hairstyle, lovely by itself. A wonderful touch is the leading ornament that contributes to the effect of romance of it. The hair is tied back with a few strands that are twisted slightly…. Continue Reading →

Updos bride Autumn 2014

While our first suggestion is collected autumn 2013 2014, very wavy hairstyle lovely bride the second image corresponds to a more classic hairstyle straight hair that is part of the appeal. It is a neat style that although the two… Continue Reading →

Wedding hairstyles autumn 2013 2014 collected

Elegant Autumn Wedding move into halls and other places, to celebrate the most chic weddings and brides in autumn weddings usually take place at night, often resort to the updos for brides, because they are more suitable in autumn and… Continue Reading →

For beautiful hair, let a lot of vitamins!

Vitamins B5 and B8 for hair regrowth. Several reasons are responsible for hair loss and poor condition. This may be due to poor diet, a change in climate, use of aggressive products, etc.. Very effective against hair loss, vitamin B8… Continue Reading →

Fall arrest hair care

Hair loss: take food supplements The health of our hair is a reflection of our diet and our lifestyle. Thus, a poor diet, stress or fatigue are not beneficial. It is therefore quite normal to strengthen our intake of vitamin… Continue Reading →

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