hair and makeup 2012Again, the celebrities become our best reference fashion and present us with the photos that here we bring some hair and makeup to be trend in 2012 and that will help us a little ahead of the rapid steps of fashion .

As you can see in the pictures long hair refuses to leave the podium fashion and will mark a major role for another season but equally there will be space for short and sexy hair every time gain more ground in fashion. Being the collected high, elegant ponytails, braids and curls loose and bulky one of the main trends to take your hair in 2012.

In matters of makeup as you can see in the photographs are also very extensive options, going from very sober makeup ideal for illuminated face, fresh and natural to intense and bright faces. What if whatever your favorite makeup style outlined eyes must be present to accompany the 2012 fashion and those who enjoy well-defined lips too the reds are the favorites for this season.

Points to consider to recreate a flattering look her hair is always in harmony with the makeup, which in this way achieve a polished and refined. so it is important that the makeup also gets along well with the skin tone and face shape.

Those who go for an intense eye makeup should go for a natural lip, and to go for a bold lip must be a shadow to your eyelids delicate so as not to spoil your look.

Those interested in more details on 2012 trends in hair and makeup will benefit from the photos and then let them.

hair and makeup 2012

hair and makeup 2012

hair and makeup 2012

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