Increased hair loss during pregnancy, and even more in the months of breast-feeding, is an entirely natural phenomenon and as such reversible. In fact, during pregnancy many women experience the opposite phenomenon, characterized – that is – a beautiful, thick hair, which takes advantage of the increased rate of estrogen. Other times when nutritional needs are not completely satisfied, the future mother complains of a fall than normal.

Hair and Pregnancy

Other Sometimes even the suspension of the birth control pill in view of the near conception increases the loss of hair due to the absence of the protective effect exerted by estrogen. Even after giving birth we are witnessing a drastic decline in circulating estrogen, in charge – usually two or three months later – a particularly pronounced hair loss, common in many new mothers. However, this is a temporary condition, which in most cases returned to normal within six months or a year.

Albeit with the necessary individual differences, it is considered normal in a loss of about 100 hairs a day. When the fall is still high even after several months of birth, you can ask your doctor to check your hormonal levels through a simple blood test, in the case, highlight the changes will be possible to intervene with appropriate alternative therapies. In general, however, a temporary increase in hair loss during breast-feeding should not worry too much premium, nor interfere with the “magic” that characterizes this period.

During pregnancy, if power is adequate, nails and hair should not suffer repercussions whatsoever. Any use of supplements can be made only against specific medical advice.

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