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August 2011

Inspiration Hair: Crazy Multicolor

Streaked blond hair black, yellow and pink – suitable for a strong woman and particular. Thick long hair with bangs, blue, blue and purple. This color is perfect for the dreamy and romantic. Braid hair soft pink, purple, lilac and… Continue Reading →

Hair Inspiration: hair color

At first glance it may seem like a normal dark brown streaked blonde, but a better look one realizes the beauty of this color. Perfect for hair braiding games and create shade. Hair mad, mad, mad: yellow, blue, pink, orange,… Continue Reading →

Silver jewellery compliments everything you wear

Silver jewelry is not only beautiful, it is very much in Style in those days. silver jewellery compliments everything you wear, and it is usually less expensive as gold jewelry. There are many sources of which you can buy silver… Continue Reading →

Hair and Pregnancy

Increased hair loss during pregnancy, and even more in the months of breast-feeding, is an entirely natural phenomenon and as such reversible. In fact, during pregnancy many women experience the opposite phenomenon, characterized – that is – a beautiful, thick… Continue Reading →

The method of hairstyle

If you want to act on the hair so that the form attributed to long-stay, you must perform the classic “permanent”. As mentioned, acts on the permanent covalent bonds allowing long-term maintenance of the new form. The permanent can be… Continue Reading →

Imaginative suggestions for wedding hair jewelry

As hair jewelry for the bride hairstyles are, as already noted, not only commercially available accessories. Hair accessories to make your own With the simplest of means, mostly from the craft store, take beautiful and very individual effects. “Freshness and… Continue Reading →

OSIS Dust It – A powder for more structure

For a wedding hairstyle it is very important that the hairs have a certain grip, otherwise the work is extremely difficult in an updo. Do you have naturally straight hair; they tend more to the hairdresser to slip from his… Continue Reading →

Bridal hairstyles do it yourself

For long hair creates a head of curls For long hair, there are numerous variations for the wedding styling. The bride would wear the hair down, so it can be turned on big curlers. A generous dollop of mousse, spread… Continue Reading →

Hair Accessories (FHI Heat Styling Irons)

The FHI Heat Styling Irons 27mm – simply tames every lock of hair At a wedding hairstyle has to just sit every strand of hair is perfect and she ever so unruly. From the beginning until the last jump hair… Continue Reading →

Tips for wedding make-up

The makeup and lipstick from crown to sole perfectly for the upcoming wedding. What is the right hair, the face should be just as cheap even with fingernails. Especially when makeup is good on coverage, skin compatibility and the most… Continue Reading →

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