Keep hair shiny and silky is not just about beauty. It’s a health issue. So if you want healthy hair here share with you a few tips. No need to neither buy expensive products nor do strange preparations. This time we will know how to use our washing every day for a hair of film.

Treatment to maintain healthy hair

Use natural oil for best results. Remember that the oils penetrate better on dry hair when it has been freshly washed and conditioned. Brush your hair thoroughly to distribute the oils. Then cover yourself with a towel over his shoulders in order to warn of any leaks.

Place oil in parts. Starts at the ends, using your fingers, apply a few drops at a time. Massage the hair until well coated and stop a few inches before reaching the scalp. Pay special attention to dry areas and damaged, which will absorb more oil than the rest. Then retains moisture for several minutes (you can put you a towel on his head). So yeah, sit back and relax.

If your hair is dry oil leaves 20 to 45 minutes. If your hair is dyed, damaged or brittle oil will need 45 minutes to 2 hours to achieve good results. For a deep conditioning treatment leaves the oil really work at night. For that cover your pillow with a clean towel.

Treatment to maintain healthy hair

Then apply enough shampoo for dry hair natural. Let it run for 3 to 5 minutes. If necessary add enough water to create foam. Then rinse with warm water.

The hair is already wet, now all you need is to add a good conditioner. Wash, dry and go! You’ve finished your treatment for your hair reconditioned. If you repeat it often to make sure to look amazing.

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