The virtues of evening primrose oil
Otherwise known as “Evening Primrose”, evening primrose oil is an essence extracted from the seeds of a specific plant in North America. Extremely rich in essential fatty acids, vegetable oil that helps fight against the various problems of skin and scalp. It produces and of the vitamin, prostaglandins and other nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The significant fall of hair, excessive sebum production and the resulting problems of alopecia because of a lack of certain nutrients. A course of evening primrose oil is thus the best alternative to other chemicals in the laboratory developed to treat scalp problems. Improving the quality of the skin tissue, it regulates and strengthens the hair fibers. And it restores vitality to the hair brittle and dull. In addition, evening primrose oil promotes better resistance to sunlight during the summer.

Evening primrose oil for hair care

How to use evening primrose oil?
Used in outpatient care, evening primrose oil applied directly to the scalp, stems and spikes. However, it should regularly wash his hair for best results. Before each wash, pour in one or two nuts on the scalp and throughout hair. Rub carefully so that the product penetrates deep. Let stand 15 minutes before applying a neutral organic shampoo. Leave lather then rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water. It is strongly advised not to rub her wet hair with a towel to increase risk of falls and losses. Just let dry in the open without using the hair dryer.
Evening primrose oil for hair care

Evening primrose oil is also taken in capsules or capsules as a dietary supplements to treat hair problems. They are mostly broken down into soft gelatin. According to research by doctors and scientists, consumption should not exceed 8 capsules per day for a more effective long term. The duration of treatment however depends on the condition of your hair and stage of evolution of a possible hair loss which your hair can be confronted. It is therefore essential to seek the advice of his doctor before an initial course. Some nutritionists also advise a daily or occasional basis.

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