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June 2011

A haircut for 10 years younger

Younger with long hair, stylish Having long hair is good. It is also necessary to care for and adopt the right cut. Without structure, the hair loses its volume, flattened on top of the head and pull strokes. For a… Continue Reading →

Evening primrose oil for hair care

The virtues of evening primrose oil Otherwise known as “Evening Primrose”, evening primrose oil is an essence extracted from the seeds of a specific plant in North America. Extremely rich in essential fatty acids, vegetable oil that helps fight against… Continue Reading →

Collected bridal hairstyles

They take those gathered that mix different textures braids and thicknesses, bows dancer, disheveled pigtails and carded the same time. So gone are the bows and collected classical life and the trends are renewed by opening a makeshift range of… Continue Reading →

Bridal Hairstyle

To determine the type of hair you have to take into account the style of wedding dress and her preferences. If the dress is formal, conservative styling is more successful, while if the youth is ultra hair has to look… Continue Reading →

The false square, cream hairstyles trend 2011

What is the false square? The square is a false model of hair when we go back her hair so as to expose a bob without cutting a single strand. As they remain elevated, the square applies only to false… Continue Reading →

Hair trend: the cup headphones

The cut helmet for a glamorous retro look Do you remember the haircut the singer Mireille Mathieu sported proudly in his years in success or that of Milla Jovovitch in Jeanne d’Arc? Well time has passed outdated arrangements and these… Continue Reading →

Gold business

Gold gains in times of rising inflation are becoming increasingly important. It focuses primarily on physical gold, as skeptics expect because of our finite monetary system in a few years back by a pairing of the paper money to gold…. Continue Reading →

Year’s Eve party hairstyles

Year’s Eve party hairstyles, elegant and relaxed look at the proposals for the New Year’s Eve, when you want a spectacular addition to a nice hair dress that makes you look very elegant. And these hairstyles of the images come… Continue Reading →

Fall 2011 hair trends, Aveda

Fall 2011 hair trends Aveda, Aveda is a brand of hair products of international fame, provided leadership in the world of hair care and styling that has been with its charming and original creations of the last star fashion runways,… Continue Reading →

Headgear Red & Rouge

Headgear Red & Rouge are going to love these two images that allow them to glimpse what is the collection of headdresses Red & Rouge I’ve loved and I now share with you. As the headdress, turbans, scarves and other… Continue Reading →

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