The fashion accessories are ideal for updating our look. Make it modern dress or outfit in a flash of previous seasons. This season, the golden rule is: Less is more, but the accessory you wear must hit!

fashion accessories

Gold Accessories
One of the key trends for summer 2011 is the return of the big gold belt, necklaces and bracelets. They are out necklaces with pearls or beads, necklaces and bracelets en vogue instead (and even up the belts) all of a piece, in ‘gold’ solid and massive.

Glasses (and not only for themselves …)
Another accessory is eyewear. It is obvious that the sunglasses will, as always, an important role in fashion during the hot season. We report in this article the return of the colored lenses.

fashion accessories

Very interesting are the glasses with large frames. Give it a look and intellectual alternative that lets you match well with the style and seductive women of fashion collections. The thick-rimmed glasses we saw them on the catwalk for Dsquared2 but we have already seen them take to the streets of Asian cities where young people are becoming more advanced and where ‘the trendy people’ now loves to wear glasses View … even if your eyes are in perfect condition!
fashion accessories

Men’s Watches
Another accessory with which to beat the clock attention. We liked especially the male models. Just get a loan from your man and take him on the forearm rather than around the wrist.
fashion accessories

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