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March 2011

Wedding Hairstyles collected spring 2011

Wedding Hairstyles collected spring 2011, at the gates of a spring that promises many happy brides way to the altar, today I leave these suggestions collected and semirecogidos hairstyles for those brides who marry in the warmest season of the… Continue Reading →

Collected for the fall hairstyles

The hair up is very flattering and come in handy when windy day, because you have to worry about keeping hair, tie it with enough but if it uses a nice accessory, a simple hairstyle becomes all your hair up… Continue Reading →

2011 hairstyles short hair

In this article you will find short hairstyles modern for the 2011 season, both for the more adventurous women like unobtrusive for ladies who prefer short hairstyles simple and elegant. Let’s go step by step, first trendy fashion in 2011… Continue Reading →

How to do hairstyles step by step 2011

Today, in 2011, hairstyles, whether modern, emo, casual or otherwise, we find it by all means of communication. So especially if we want to go to fashion, we must learn how to do step by step hairstyles. Mainly we are… Continue Reading →

Trick To Grow Hair

Trick to grow your hair, boiling water some nettles, and let warm up, using the same for the final hair rinse. If done regularly prevents hair loss and encourage growth because nettles are plants with large amounts of minerals and… Continue Reading →

Hairstyles Virtual Simulator

Simulator Virtual Makeover Virtual hairstyles, it is more useful to think of how to cut hair or hairstyle choice, because as a virtual tool allows you to choose among a thousand options hairstyle for long hair, short, curly or straight,… Continue Reading →

How often you should wash your hair

How often you should wash your hair, have wondered at times and it’s certainly a complication to know, and we were told that the hair is washed daily and we have delivered for decades to do just that which is… Continue Reading →

How should the bride makeup to do well in the photos

How should the bride makeup to do well in the photos, brinadamos Here are some tips to help you out radiant in your wedding photos. Start by considering whether it not be better to hire an expert, do not forget… Continue Reading →

Brides makeup step

Wash skin thoroughly with cleansing milk. Apply toner and moisturizer. Apply all over face and neck a vial to extend the life of our makeup. Use a pre-makeup base to prepare the skin giving stability to the bottom of makeup… Continue Reading →

Beauty tips for a perfect wedding makeup

The ultimate purpose of makeup is to disguise the defects and make the bride look radiant, whether you go for a style as a modern classic. What we ask the makeup? Do not run, to hold all day, not to… Continue Reading →

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