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January 2011

Treating brittle hair and split ends

Why does hair become brittle and split ends? The hair acts like a rubber band. It is the keratin, which gives this property so that it can stretch up to 40%. When hair is brittle, they are damaged and aging… Continue Reading →

Choose your hairstyle trend for back

Hairstyle trends for medium-length hair Let’s start with mid-length cuts. If you like the square size, the trend is oblong. This section provides a touch of glamor and better value is the silhouette of small women. Important detail: the fringe… Continue Reading →

Today’s dating popularity

The Internet removes the old balance between random and systematic hunt to find partners.According to a survey is now in the 30 – to 50-year-olds a third of all contacts that lead to a future partnership, made via the Internet,… Continue Reading →

How to choose the best hairdresser in New York City

Going to the hairdresser is a moment of relaxation and gratification, because “we’re going to make us beautiful! For this reason it is important to rely on professional “right” for us. Here it’s important to find the best hairdressers in… Continue Reading →

Emo hairstyles 2011

Emo hairstyles 2011, all long hair, with many of the most colorful and exciting ways of bringing the hair into the Emo trend. Emo is because the juvenile form of expression remains an important trend among young people and will… Continue Reading →

Prom dresses 2011 trends

Party dresses characterize the collection of each designer. It is amazing how the perfect dress can completely change our look and our beauty. It is certainly important that every woman has a party dress for a special event. Now it’s… Continue Reading →

5 Secrets to Hair bulky Bodied

Voluminous, healthy hair is the dream of many girls, especially those with flat hair that seem to have no life. But as you can get a more voluminous hair? Here are a few secrets to give volume to hair. This… Continue Reading →

Custom trick: the Right Makeup for Your Face Shape

The shape of your face is not only important in the choice of hairstyle , but also to determine the make-up right for you. Determining what is the shape of your face, you can understand which areas you want to… Continue Reading →

In Search of the Perfect Cut Hair for You

Hair is the focus of feminine seduction and every woman wants to have them always beautiful. But, in addition to wanting a strong and healthy hair , often in search of the values that we cut more. How many times… Continue Reading →

The importance of choosing the right wig

Did you ever go to the hairdresser in tears? It is one thing that can happen often, because we women are particularly attentive to our hair and we see even the smallest defects. A scissor kick in more, or less… Continue Reading →

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