The Millennium Care Ayurvedic, Indian Ayurvedic Hair Oil
The Ayurvedic Care Millennium is actually composed of two hair products. These have been specially designed to help the hair and scalp dry. Moreover, they are also effective to repair the hair after the assault caused by staining. The Indian Ayurvedic Hair Oil, an oil hair care intensive, is designed to care for the scalp and hair. This first oil is used between two stains to clean, repair and moisturize dry scalp. Moreover, it can also be used as a dandruff treatment.

To use a small dose is sufficient for each treatment, about two tablespoons. Pour into a bowl and warm slightly. Directly using half the oil by applying it carefully on the scalp . Do a light massage to the assets in the oil can penetrate deep. Then you can apply the rest of the oil along the hair fibers including the roots. After a 10 minute break, wash the hair with care washing Dayna.

Indian Ayurvedic Cleansing Hair Care for easy cleaning
The Indian Ayurvedic Cleansing Hair Care is the second product range. This hair care is based on plants. There is a washing powder containing no detergent, with 100% natural. This second treatment is complementary to oil hair care intense. It is currently used to wash the hair after applying oil to remove the excess and clean the scalp. The hair care has the particularity to meet the hair structure.

To maximize the effectiveness of care washing plants, use 4 tablespoons of the product. Put it in a bowl and start by pouring warm water in oil, stirring the whole with a brush. You need about 8 tablespoons of slightly warmed water to get enough creamy consistency. You do then is apply the product to the scalp and hair . Rinse thoroughly with water after 2-minute break. Your hair will be perfectly hydrated and your scalp will be in perfect health.

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