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December 2010

Hairstyles of the Stars: The Collected Messy Hilary Swank

The famous actress Hilary Swank was presented at the 14th Hollywood Awards Gala in Los Angeles with a harvest disorder, which wants to give the idea of something chic done on time and succeeds effortlessly. Hairstyle Harvest disheveled and symmetrical,… Continue Reading →

Understand if the enamel is’ dry? Do not miss a trick here

The enamel is one of the most loved cosmetics by women, even those that do not generally wear make-up: this is because the enamel makes her hands and beautiful women, turning them completely with a touch of color. But we… Continue Reading →

Hairstyles of the Stars: Gwyneth Paltrow for Smooth Precise

The blonde actress Gwyneth Paltrow has debuted on the 2010 CMA Awards, country singer, which were held in Nashville, Tennessee. Before going on stage, Gwyneth was presented with a one shoulder dress and hairstyle and smooth side. Hairstyle The hair… Continue Reading →

4 Beauty Tips for Perfect Hair in Winter

In winter, you know, it is essential to take care of their hair the right way. The cold, wind, snow and rain are enemies of the crown and ruin, and making drying your hair frizzy and electrical systems. To have… Continue Reading →

Choose your hairstyle trend for back

Hairstyle trends for medium-length hair Let’s start with mid-length cuts. If you like the square size, the trend is oblong. This section provides a touch of glamor and better value is the silhouette of small women. Important detail: the fringe… Continue Reading →

The Ayurvedic Care Millennium moisturize the scalp

The Millennium Care Ayurvedic, Indian Ayurvedic Hair Oil The Ayurvedic Care Millennium is actually composed of two hair products. These have been specially designed to help the hair and scalp dry. Moreover, they are also effective to repair the hair… Continue Reading →

To strengthen hair care

Actions to strengthen hair products This type of products aims to address the problems of brittle hair and / or weakened. To understand their mechanism of operation at the hair, you must first know the composition of the latter: the… Continue Reading →

Hair Extensions: Beware of scams!

Those who have always dreamed of having a long thick hair can rejoice thanks to hair extensions! Indeed, it is possible to gain as much length you want in just a few hours with this revolutionary system. But although some… Continue Reading →

The round face and Matching hairstyles

A hairstyle that fits the round face in the header area to create volume or height must have a minimum mass or tightly against the sides of, and if there is a long hairstyle, the hair ends only minimal volume… Continue Reading →

The Afro soft, hair cut

How to create a soft afro The African Cup is a sweet easy to create at home. Let’s start with curly hair. Do braids to accentuate your curls. Wear braids for 3 days on average before removing. Furthermore, use of… Continue Reading →

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