Celebrity hairstyles
So what are the trends in celebrity hairstyles in 2011? The magazine Grazia established in 2010 ten most popular celebrity cuts. Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad and Cameron Diaz took the long hair Group. In short, the hair was only for Katie Holmes. who at that time Bob was a classic. Bold and bright red colored presented the Bob-symmetric section of Rihanna. Solely Maggie Gyllenhaal ventured out onto the dance floor with medium length hair.

Images like this can be found in the Grazia. In the celebrity hairstyles 2010 was not announced definitely short and medium length. Short hair seems to move in 2011 but also in the more prominent again in the spotlight. Emma Watson made it mid-year before already! Now you have to consider even when looking at celebrity hairstyles, 2011, that the next writer decisively influenced the haircut. An actress should not just be missing a short cut when they will play a glamorous lady with Undo. Hair pieces and wigs are sitting just never as good as real hair. In addition, the hair style celebrity often chosen so that they color through and tweak different variable is used.