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    Hair: Short and sweet

    More and more stars separate. What? Of course, her mane of hair. On the sexy femininity Celebs have thus completely lost nothing. Quite the contrary … short hair can look very sexy and feminine. And not only stars. So why do not you dare the big step? But before heading out to uncharted territory, you should ask the right questions: your hair for short hairstyles are suitable? You want short hair at all? And what short hair style to choose?

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    Celebrity hair styles

    Jared Leto: Short and blond

    The fact that Jared Leto hairstyles to experiment in things, is no secret. In recent years it went from smart Hollywood over the hard rocker with black hair to bright colors including Iro recently. As the pink Iro my favorite hairstyle was absolutely not, I am almost a little glad that Jared pseudo-punk hair style has finally been adopted by his. A few days ago he appeared at a press conference with his band 30 Seconds To Mars with a new hairstyle. The singer is now wearing short and blond, including dark approach. These combed a neat side parting the hair clean. So the Pop culture, this is not styling,…

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    Celebrity hair styles

    Verena Kerth – more style with short hair?

    Actually, I do not want anything over and above all by Verena Kerth and see and hear. The “presenter” is equal to a spot behind Matthew Liliana my personal list of the worst F-celebrities, the immediate cause nausea. The only exception I have to do but now. It’s so annoying when that person is a positive change twice as much weight falls. When Verena Kerth is true that fact. rumschwirrt Since the blonde in the media, one has only seen her with long hair. Always a bad Paris Hilton & what I do – copy.

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    Celebrity hair styles

    Emma Watson, Pixie

    Now, for years branded as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter , it tries Emma Watson is now something of her signature roles of solve apparently. No wonder if you are always in a figure and therefore subject to a hairstyle. All the more sympathetic yet that Emma really pulls out all the stops, a radical step and dares her long hair completely a very short pixie. I found her long hair is actually very beautiful, especially in the Burberry campaign, it looks great. The short hair now Emma can definitely contribute too, as she has a very girlish face. This is precisely what they did but also work to date…

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