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October 2010

The History of Hair Straighteners

Despite the huge numbers of people worldwide who use them in their everyday hair care, the history of hair straighteners is known to few. The straightening iron device, of two flat heated plates on a hinge that we press together… Continue Reading →

EMO Hairstyles 2011

To have an EMO hairstyle hair dyed black or colors of the rainbow is just the first step. EMO hairstyles are very striking, so you can take advantage of your length and play with different ideas and hairstyles. Here we… Continue Reading →

Party with braids hairstyles 2011

The braids add a touch of finesse to our look and can make a simple hairstyle looks very elaborate. It is an easy tool for creating hairstyles and within minutes you can have a wonderful look.

The best hairstyles for brides

Since the day of your wedding is the most important day in life. it is important to look good and of course have the hairstyle in place. So you should consider in advance the hairstyle you want and how to… Continue Reading →

Julianne moore with her red hair style

American actress has stated that even though for years she was mocked at school for being a redhead, now enchanted with her hair. one of the most particular of the ‘Mecca of film. ” At 50 years, Moore is happy… Continue Reading →

Black Trash Fashion

The adoption of the eighties fashion fuses the simplicity of black with a time that will surely not go unnoticed by the eccentricity of the punk aesthetic: loud colors combined with black, pink and metallic blue jeans that revealed her… Continue Reading →

Become a modern hairstyle

A hairstyle says a lot about our image and appearance we want to give. Therefore, we can play with our hair every day to become the girl that we want. Today we will talk about modern hairstyles and breakers. They… Continue Reading →

Casual hairstyles

There are many ways to play with our hair. Every time we find more exotic hairstyles for all hair types but there are some who never go out of fashion among women. I speak of those hairdos that all we… Continue Reading →

Summer Hairstyles: Practical & chic

The beach version: a very low-maintenance hairstyle . Simply wet hair on the head blow, to give it volume and to emphasize the casual beach look. Ideal if: it has medium-length hair and do not really know what to do… Continue Reading →

Summer Hairstyles 2010

Hairstyle ideas for the beach Summer, sun, sand and beach … This all sounds very tempting. If not for the eternal nagging question would be: What should I do with my hair? The theme is summer hair styles year after… Continue Reading →

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