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April 2010

J’dore: Frosted Lavender Lips

Frosted lip colors are not just for tweens. Gone are the days of punchy pinks and gooey clears. Adding a pearly sheen to lips can brighten any face, awaken eyes and make an aging look more youthful. My favorite shade… Continue Reading →

New Product Launch: Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

Aveda always comes out with something new and innovative for their hair product lines. Look out for their leave-in conditioner to the celebrated Aveda Damage Remedy collection. It is a high-performance daily leave-in treatment that instantly repairs hair and protect… Continue Reading →

Product Review: L’Oreal Elnet Hairspray

Is the Elnett Satin by L’oreal the best hairspray ever? Continue reading to find out.

Tangles In My Head:Nightline “Put A Ring On It”

Here we go again! Night line has decided to make an entire feature out of the “woe-is-me-lonely-black woman” topic. Do we bite? I typically tend to miss these topics when they come on the news (I’m usually at class, or… Continue Reading →

All This Beauty 4/23/10: Skye Edwards at Nat Geo Music Live: Earth Day 2010

Type your summary here Skye Edwards from British trip-hop group Morcheeba performed in a towering afro. I’m not sure how this style was constructed but, I’m momentarily liking this. I may have a change of heart in a few minutes…. Continue Reading →

Romantic Red Lips:Megan Good

Help! Hairs My Story: I’m Transitioning But I Still Want To Get My Hair Done!

Where do you go you’re in-between stage of growing out your natural hair? * Opt for a sew-in weave, a braided style or anything that does not involve straightening or maintenance with high heat. You don’t want to damage your… Continue Reading →

Hot Artist, Hot Hair v. 2010: Muhsinah

Danielle Brown @ 3rd Annual Sing-A-Long at London Zoo

Here are a few more beauty inspirations for you to get to know. These ladies have hair that is truly mesmerizing. Gotta love them!

Beauty Bargains: Thank You LUCKY Magazine

I’m a subscriber to Lucky Magazine and I usually to take advantage of the monthy Lucky Breaks (my fave part). This month’s issue offers 35% off all NYX cream blushes. Online store only. All this month [3-31-10 through 5-31.10]. Code:… Continue Reading →

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