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February 2010

Christian Siriano-Inspired Protective Style: The Iconic French Roll

Christian Siriano is the fourth season winner of Project Runway, and probably one of the most vivacious personalities ever on television. This season, Christian takes a traditional Parisian hairstyle from a by-gone era and incorporates into modern American.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010: Korto Momolu

Remember me? Project Runway alum Korto Momolu from Season 5 brings the African heat to runway.

Skincare With Dr. Schultz: Facial Cream Around The Eyes?

There is so much conflict around the usage of face cream. Some say that it is too thick and rich to be used around the eyes. I’ve read that using face cream can cause pimples and cysts. Read what Dr…. Continue Reading →

Get The Look: Miley Cyrus@ Grammy 2010

Wait! Before you gang up on little ol’ Miley Cyrus, I actually loved her ensemble at the Grammy Awards. Here’s how to get Miley’s rock n’ roll chic style for a lot less than the original dress. The original dress… Continue Reading →

2010 Grammy Award: Nude Is The New Black

The Grammy Award this year paid homage to nakedness, or implied nudity. Dresses were formfitting and skin tone. Metal appliques were placed strategically in areas that would’ve left anyone else overexposure. It’s the new way to do sexy without being… Continue Reading →

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