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    Hair care: products for curly hair

    A massive head, so rich and difficult to hold off to untangle? If it matches the description of your hair you know how much good care of this kind require hair . Fortunately, the lines are a lot of curly hair and for all budgets. They are also excellent products at the supermarket … you know how to choose and try! Let’s start right from a product that you have seen all the supermarket shelves: the line that Sunsilk has created three products to eliminate frizz and restores softness to your curls, making them more soft and shiny. Shampoo, conditioner and cream curls defined and to avoid the much-hated frizz.

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    Pamper your hair with masks DIY

    So why not create a mask or wrap hair with what you have at home? You’ll save lots of money, you’re sure to have a 100% natural and will also be fun. Let’s see how. Mask for dry hair with honey and olive oil From ancient times women using these two ingredients to give luster to the hair. 5 with 3 tablespoons of honey and olive oil, create a homogeneous pap to be distributed on the hair and hold on for 30 minutes. You’ll see what results! Hydrating Fruit Mask Whisk two apples and a banana with 250 ml. glycerin and let stand several hours in a glass jar. Apply…

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