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    5 Causes of Hair Loss and the Best Treatments

    Losing one’s hair is a part of daily life, and although the amount of hair one would lose in a single day would be insignificant, it is a natural cycle of growth, shedding, and regrowth. It is perfectly normal to shed a few hair strands during the night, or after a good brushing session, but this delicate cycle can be affected by many things, and this can cause unnatural hair loss, which can be extensive in some cases. Here are just a few situations that can lead to losing hair. Androgenetic Hair Loss is perhaps the most common type of hair loss, and it occurs in both sexes. Its medical…

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    3 Great Ways To Improve Your Overall Well-Being

    Are you feeling as if you should be taking better care of yourself? Luckily, it’s not hard to be mindful of the ways you can improve your overall feelings of well-being. Here are three great ways to look and feel better about yourself, starting today! 1. Eat a Healthy Diet If you want to feel your best, you have to fuel your body with the right nutrients. It’s crucial to feed your body plenty of protein each day. Eat lean protein sources such as seafood, lean meats and some dairy products. Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates and replace them with fiber-rich carbohydrates like fresh produce and wheat breads. If you consciously…

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    How To Start a Beauty Career

    If you want to be a hairstylist, you should learn as much as you can about the industry. While you can go to a cosmetology school, there are other ways to meet stylists and connect with a salon. Then, once you finish your certification, you can use the connections you have to get a job. Of course, you can start your own business, but working with a non-departmentalized salon Chicago Il or elsewhere is a great first step for your career. Volunteer With a Salon If you find a salon that offers training classes or workshops, consider volunteering for one. You can submit your information to a salon or school, and you…

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    Make the Cut by Maintaining Your Salon and Barber Shears

    There is a misconception that the sharper a blade, the greater the danger it is in use. In fact, knowledgeable consumers and professionals know that it is the dull tool that leads to accidents and inadequate job results. If you are a hairstylist or barber, for example, you must arm yourself with the best cutting shears. Furthermore, to keep them in optimal shape, you need to handle them appropriately and maintain them consistently. Make certain that your precision-made shears last a lifetime by following these steps. Handle With Care Stylist and barber scissors can be expensive, with a single pair starting at $200. The best are durable because they are composed…

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    3 Benefits of Wearing Makeup

    Does your morning routine include applying makeup? Many women choose to wear light, medium or heavy makeup on a daily basis, while others save it for special occasions or forgo it altogether. While there is no denying that purchasing quality cosmetic products Suitland-Silver Hill MD can be expensive and putting them on takes time, there are some key benefits to “putting your face on” before heading out the door each morning. You Can Hide Blemishes and Other Flaws No one likes to wake up with a new pimple or a puffy under-eye area after a difficult night. With a good concealer, you can easily smooth over any problem areas and conceal them…

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    Add-Ons to Augment Your Look

    When most of us look in a mirror, we mostly see what’s missing. Maybe our hair’s a little flat; it’s not as thick or long as we’d like, and is that a bald spot peaking out? Our hands end in stubby nails that hardly seem worth a manicure. Our eyes lack those lush lashes and tailored browse that we see on the folks on magazine covers and movie screens. Is there anything that can be done? Are we doomed to be dull, or is there a way to supersize things? Hair Down to There Fortunately, there’s never been more ways to add depth to your do. Wigs, toupees, weaves, hair color,…

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    3 Gifts for Dads To Give Their Daughters

    Dads, this goes out to you. You can sometimes be overlooked and disregarded when it comes to the idea of gift-giving, especially when it comes to your young daughter. But just because mom normally buys the gifts doesn’t mean you can’t break free from the stereotype and do something unique for the special little lady in your life.  A Gift of Jewelry Jewelry can be a relatively simple way to make a young woman feel grown up and beautiful. It can also provide a physical reminder of the relationship she holds with you. Much jewelry today can be customized to fit the wearer as well, like birthstone necklaces, bead and charm…

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    Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal can be an intimidating choice. For those unfamiliar with the process, laser hair removal is the process of exposing hair to pulses of laser light with the goal of destroying the hair follicle — essentially, changing the body so that hair does not grow back in undesired places. After being tested and refined for years, laser hair removal became commercially available in the late 90s and has sustained in popularity since. Check out these benefits of laser hair removal before finding a great laser spa nearby.  Time As compared to many other beauty treatments, laser hair removal is a relatively quick process. For example, laser removing underarm hair can take…

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    3 Conditions That Affect the Scalp

    If you’re like most people, you typically do not give much thought to what goes on at the top of your head. Only when a problem arises do you give much thought to your scalp. Unfortunately, there are a number of conditions that can affect the skin of your scalp and cause annoying and sometimes embarrassing symptoms, such as irritation and itching. However, the good news is that a Denver dermatology clinic may be able to help you in resolving the condition. 1. Folliculitis The root of each hair is contained inside a sac called a follicle. When the follicles become irritated or inflamed, it can result in folliculitis. Telltale signs are small pimples filled…

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    Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Hair Salon

    If you’re having trouble deciding on which hair salon Westchester County NY to go to, you’re not alone. Many people find it challenging to pick a salon, especially if it has been awhile since they’ve been to one. To make the selection process easier and less time consuming, use the following tips. Look at the Reviews The internet is a great place to start your search for a salon to call home. Search for hair salons that are in your area and look up their reviews. Keep in mind that some reviews are not an accurate reflection of what you may experience. Not all reviews are going to be positive. Don’t be…

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    Benefits of Moisturizing

    Most girls grew up with their mothers telling them to wash and moisturize their face. Whether or not you believed this advice, there are definite benefits to moisturizing your skin, especially your face. Some women swear by the product they use, whether it’s a traditional moisturizers or botanical skin moisturizers, and others use the first bottle they find. If you’re skeptical that using lotion every day can really help your skin look younger and healthier, consider the below facts. Appearance If you omit moisture from your daily routine, then your skin can develop more wrinkles. This is because as skin loses moisture, it actually develops some inflammation as well which can speed…

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